How Long Does Botox Last?

When you look in the mirror, do you notice deep lines and wrinkles forming on your forehead or between your brows? Do smile lines around your eyes distract you from expressing your true feelings? Do you wish you could quickly eliminate the lines and wrinkles that appear when you frown, smile, or laugh? If so, you could benefit from treatment with Botox at Novo Med Spa in Frisco, TX.


How Long Does Botox Last?

Botox is one of the most popular anti-aging treatments in the world, providing millions of patients with a safe and effective way to erase dynamic wrinkles caused by habitual muscle movement. Since we all make expressions throughout our day, every patient is prone to developing these wrinkles. They often appear on the forehead, between the brows, around the eyes, and around the mouth.

This product uses a refined version of botulinum toxin (type A) to treat specific facial muscles. These targeted injections cause a temporary paralysis that smooths the skin without inhibiting your normal facial expressions. In most cases, the results of your treatment will begin to appear 3-7 days after your appointment. Final results last between 3-4 months and may be enhanced with regular injections or a combination of additional anti-aging treatments.

The benefits of this treatment include a simple preparation process, a 15-30 minute appointment time, and a zero-downtime recovery period. This product is FDA-approved and is carefully administered by our trained staff to ensure optimal results.

How Do Neurotoxins Work?

Botox is created using a byproduct of Clostridium botulinum, a bacteria that is toxic in large doses. Purifying this botulinum toxin and administering it in small doses temporarily stops muscle movement and erases dynamic wrinkles. Once the neurotoxin is injected into the muscles, we gently massage the area to help distribute the neurotoxin.

Over the next 3-7 days, the neurotoxin blocks nerve signals sent by the brain to the treated facial muscles. This keeps these muscles dormant and prevents the further development of dynamic wrinkles. In 3-4 months, the effects of the neurotoxin wear off and muscle movement resumes. Many patients choose to schedule follow-up treatments to maintain their desired results. Thanks to the small treatment doses, Botox can be used by most patients indefinitely.

Which Concerns Can Be Treated?

Here are some of the most commonly treated aging concerns at our Frisco office.

Forehead Lines

Fine lines and dynamic wrinkles across the forehead can begin developing in your mid to late-20s. Without preventative treatment, these signs of aging could deepen and become noticeable in the skin even when you are not making expressions. A neurotoxin injection helps keep your forehead muscles still, instantly softening the skin and diminishing or completely eliminating these dynamic wrinkles and effectively stalling this part of the aging process.

Glabellar Lines

Glabellar lines develop between the brows. They often look like an “11” and may make you look concerned or even frustrated even when your face is at rest. Neurotoxin treatments help smooth this pinched skin and restore a neutral expression to this area of your face.

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet develop at the corners of the eyes and are often connected to smiling or laughing expressions. With a Botox treatment, you can eliminate this sign of aging without impacting your ability to express your full range of emotions. Many patients find that they gain a noticeable confidence boost when they can smile without seeing unwanted lines appear.

Other Dynamic Wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles may appear in other areas of the face, including below the eyes or around the mouth. During your initial consultation, our doctor will examine your skin and have you make a range of expressions to identify areas for treatment.

Additional Concerns

In addition to treating dynamic wrinkles, this product can be used in some patients to address hyperhidrosis. This condition causes excessive sweating and usually appears in the armpits and palms. In addition, we can treat TMJ jaw syndrome to alleviate friction and pain and perform a “lip flip” to plump the top lip for a fuller, more attractive appearance.

Will My Results Appear Natural?

In the past, many patients have expressed concern regarding the facial muscle paralysis caused by this treatment. If this product is over-injected, it could create a frozen or plastic expression that affects your face’s normal range of motion. At our practice, our entire team is committed to helping you achieve your own unique goals.

Our consultation and injection process ensures that we create natural yet noticeable results for each of our patients. Once the neurotoxin takes effect, you will be able to make your entire range of normal expressions. This means that you will still look like yourself, just without dynamic wrinkles.

Am I an Ideal Candidate?

If you are a man or woman over 18 who wants to treat or prevent dynamic wrinkles in the skin, you could be a good candidate for this treatment. A good candidate for neurotoxin injections is healthy and has informed expectations about the treatment process and possible results. In addition, you should not exhibit any signs of skin irritations or infections or have any diagnosed bleeding disorders that could impact the success of your treatment.

This treatment may not be ideal for patients with severe signs of aging, which may require a more intensive procedure to rejuvenate the skin. In addition, this treatment is not designed to correct static wrinkles or skin laxity caused by collagen breakdown in the skin. These concerns can be addressed with one of our top-quality dermal filler products, which help fill and volumize the skin.

If you experience different aging concerns, we can recommend a personalized treatment plan that includes a range of services to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Our doctor can examine your skin and help you determine your candidacy for treatment with Botox during your initial consultation.

What Can I Expect?

Wondering what you can expect from a typical treatment process? While each patient’s experience and results vary, here is a basic overview of what you can look forward to from our professional team.


Your first appointment will be a meeting with our doctor, who will examine your areas of concern in order to determine your candidacy for this treatment. During this appointment, we will ask you to make a number of facial expressions in order to map your face and identify the dynamic wrinkles that appear when you make your normal expressions. This will also help us determine the areas that may be at risk for developing new dynamic wrinkles over time.

If you are determined to be a good candidate for treatment, we will recommend a personalized treatment plan. This plan may include additional treatments, such as dermal fillers, that can enhance the results of your neurotoxin injections. We will give you instructions to follow before your first appointment, which you can schedule as soon as your consultation is complete.


In general, this treatment requires little preparation. We recommend that you minimize any irritation to your skin and avoid exfoliating and resurfacing treatments for at least 1-2 weeks before your treatment. You should also avoid using some topical treatments, such as chemical peels, and wait to try new skincare products that could cause an adverse reaction until after your skin has healed from treatment.

You should stop taking blood-thinning medications, including painkillers like aspirin and ibuprofen, 1 week before your appointment. This should help minimize your risk of bruising or excessive bleeding during and after treatment. For the same reason, we recommend that you stop drinking alcohol 24 hours before your appointment.

Finally, you should be careful to avoid unnecessary or prolonged sun exposure for 2 weeks before treatment. This helps protect your skin from a wide range of sun damage and also ensures that your skin will not be sunburned during your appointment, which may cause discomfort or increased irritation.


Before your Novo Botox first appointment, you should wash your face and remove any makeup or other skincare products in the target areas. At our office, one of our staff members will answer any questions you have as they prepare your skin for the injection process. This involves sanitizing and marking the injection sites based on the results of your consultation.

We can also apply a topical anesthetic if needed, although many patients forego this step due to the virtually painless injection process. We will use a small, thin needle to inject the neurotoxin product into the muscle under the skin. Immediately after the injections, we will apply a cool compress and carefully massage the skin to ensure even distribution. After this, you should plan to avoid touching your skin as much as possible until the product has settled.

Your entire appointment should take between 15-30 minutes from start to finish. After the injections are complete, we will give you information about what to expect during your recovery. You can then return to the rest of your scheduled activities for the day without any downtime.


As your skin begins to heal, you should continue to avoid certain skin products and treatments that may irritate the injection sites. In addition, you should not press on or rub the treated skin for at least 2 weeks to allow the neurotoxin to fully settle into the muscles. Touching the skin before this could accidentally spread the product to neighboring muscles and impact your final results.

You should begin to notice your results developing within 3-7 days of treatment. You will be able to see the neurotoxin take effect by making facial expressions in a mirror. Over the first several days, the treated muscles will temporarily stop moving. This will completely change the appearance of your skin, keeping your face free from dynamic wrinkles and stopping the development of new signs of aging.


For most patients, final results are visible within 2 weeks of treatment. Once your results are visible, you can look forward to enjoying wrinkle-free skin for the next 3-5 months. Eventually, the neurotoxin will lose its potency, and muscle movement will return to the treated areas. As soon as you notice your concerns reappearing, you can schedule your first follow-up session.

Based on your goals for treatment and personalized treatment plan, ongoing treatments could help you maintain your ideal image for as long as you desire. Our team can work with you to adjust your treatments as necessary and provide the care you need at every stage of the aging process.

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Treatment with Botox can help patients of all ages take control of their aging process. With just 2-5 injection sessions per year, you could see dynamic wrinkles vanish as your skin is rejuvenated. To learn more about this transformative treatment or one of our other aesthetic services, contact our team of experts botox near me at Novo Med Spa in Frisco, TX, to schedule your initial consultation today! We look forward to serving you!