As you age, your skin naturally begins to lose its brightness, tightness, and firmness. This can create a dull, saggy, loose appearance near your face, neck, and jawline. Evoke treatments by InMode offer a clinically proven solution to these skin problems. These non-surgical body treatments also contour and define treatment areas, giving your skin and physique a lifted, firmer appearance with no surgery or downtime involved.

How Aging Affects Your Skin

As you age, your skin starts to break down and produce less of the compounds that kept it firm and lifted in your youth. The two main components of skin that create this appearance are collagen and elastin. 

Collagen and Elastin

Collagen makes up the thick skin tissue that protects your face and neck and contributes to a firm, tight facial appearance. Elastin is responsible for your skin’s ability to “bounce back,” a skin quality associated with youthfulness and skin resilience. Without enough of these proteins in your skin, it begins to lose its definition and texture.

Aging also dries out your skin, making it more prone to sagging and looking crepey or wrinkled. When the skin fibers no longer hold firm in their shape, your skin hangs lower and features more fine lines and wrinkles. This is normal during the aging process, but you do not have to struggle with these aesthetic qualities now that you know about Evoke treatments. 

Hands-Free Facial Contouring

Evoke treatments are done using a hands-free device that sculpts and contours your face. The face is where most signs of aging become visible since it’s highly dynamic or moves or shifts a lot during expression-making, sleeping, and other everyday activities. The Evoke device transmits radiofrequency energy to layers of skin below the surface. This has a defining and contouring effect around sagging jaw lines and crepey neck skin.

Evoke Technology

The Evoke treatment device uses radiofrequency heating to reshape and firm your skin. Many patients receive treatment near their jawlines and necks, as these areas are the most commonly affected by aging skin structure. The radiofrequency energy penetrates the layers under the surface of your skin to break down skin fibers and reshape them. The result is a contoured, tightened skin appearance.

Customized Evoke Treatment Plan

When you come to Novo Medspa for Evoke treatment, we will meet with you to design a unique treatment plan. Your treatment plan will address all of the aesthetic goals you have for your face and neck. We will discuss the areas you want to target and how to best plan out the treatment timing. All Evoke treatment plans are customized for your individual skin needs.

Since there is no recovery time necessary after Evoke treatments, you can do multiple sessions at convenient times for you. The procedure takes very little time out of your day, and you can walk out immediately after the session is over. This makes Evoke one of the most convenient treatment options for loose, sagging skin and jowls. If you want to avoid surgery and injections, Evoke may be the right option for you.

Comfortable Sessions

Patients report that they feel a mild warming sensation during Evoke treatments. Most patients find the treatment to be quite comfortable. Evoke has arguably the highest comfort level when comparing it to cosmetic surgery, injections, and other invasive procedures.

Evoke’s precise radiofrequency technology allows the device to use thermal energy to penetrate layers of your skin without discomfort. The resulting heat degrades the structure of loose skin fibers, making your skin cling to your face shape. This creates a contoured, slimming facial appearance.

Collagen and Elastin Production Stimulation

Not only does the Evoke device firm and tighten the loose skin on your face and neck, but it also stimulates your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin. This means that, in the time between your Evoke sessions, your body will continue toning and contouring your facial skin with restored levels of these skin-building proteins. That makes Evoke treatments easy to maintain and very effective in the long run.

Increased collagen and elastin production will also give your skin a more youthful appearance in general as a result of its enhanced shape and texture.

A.C.E. Technology

The Evoke device was created and based on a technique known as the Acquire, Control, and Extend (A.C.E.) method. This proprietary and clinically successful technology is all about precision.

A.C.E. is a way for the radiofrequency energy to penetrate your layers of skin without delivering too much or too little energy at a time. The Evoke device avoids any energy delivery problems or irregularities with this cutting-edge A.C.E., making for better, more consistent treatment results.

Evoke Treatment at Novo Medspa

At Novo Medspa in Frisco, Texas, we offer the revolutionary Evoke treatments in our comfortable facility. We want to work with you to achieve the best results possible without downtime or a post-treatment recovery period. Our medspa staff is full of caring professionals that will take the time to learn your goals and wishes for your skin.

When you feel cared for, your treatments will go by quickly and comfortably. That is why we craft a unique, individual Evoke treatment plan based on your areas of concern. Our goal is to personalize your Evoke treatments starting at the very first consultation. Here at Novo MedSpa we are always available for any questions or concerns you may have during your Evoke treatment.

Book a Consultation

If you want to reduce sagging, loose skin, and the dry, wrinkly skin appearance that comes with age, Evoke treatment at Novo Medspa is the way to go. This highly precise, state-of-the-art treatment technology is the first-ever facial remodeling device that can rejuvenate your skin and tighten tissue for a more refined look.

Not everyone needs the same treatment or wants the same results. We understand that, and that’s why we offer individualized treatment from experts. Call us to book a consultation today. We will work with you to feel comfortable, confident, and informed about our treatment process.


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Dr. Jerry Lewis is an esteemed medical professional and the Medical Director of Novo Med Spa. He attended and graduated medical school from the University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK. He has employed an elite team who is committed to providing outstanding outcomes. His select cosmetic professionals are well-versed in the latest skincare advancements and technologies to suit the diverse needs of area men and women seeking nonsurgical services. To learn more about Dr. Lewis and our talented team, please click the link below. learn more



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