Does Kybella Really Work for Treating a Double Chin?

A little extra padding under the chin can give the appearance of being heavier than you actually are, and it can even age you by several years. But whether a double chin is something you’ve always had or something that’s appeared as you’ve aged, you should know that there are treatment options for eliminating excess submental fat. Kybella near me? At Novo Med Spa in Frisco, TX, we know that one of the most effective options is Kybella, a revolutionary injectable treatment.

Does Kybella Really Work for Treating a Double Chin?

Yes. Kybella was specifically designed to break down and eliminate excess unwanted fat beneath the chin. A double chin is largely made up of excess submental fat that can be difficult to get rid of with ordinary dieting and exercise. This injectable treatment effectively reduces the amount of fat under the chin to redefine your chin and jawline, tighten the tissues under your chin and on your neck, and help you look drastically younger and healthier.

The Magic of Deoxycholic Acid

The key to this treatment is deoxycholic acid, which is an acid that is found naturally in the body. Natural deoxycholic acid plays a role in breaking down fat cells to burn stored fat into energy. As a crucial part of basic metabolism, deoxycholic acid is known to be higher in people with higher metabolism or in those who are achieving weight loss.

The only downside is that natural deoxycholic acid works on random fat cells and not necessarily areas of the body where you are trying to reduce fat.

The deoxycholic acid in this injectable formula means that you can direct the fat melting qualities of this special acid to a specific location to reduce unwanted fat over time. Deoxycholic acid injected beneath the chin works like magic to decrease fat, eliminate a double chin, and even contour the lower half of the face to make the jaw more prominent.

Can This Injectable Be Used on Other Areas of the Body?

Although this treatment is largely used on the area beneath the chin, scientists and physicians in Europe are exploring novel uses for this injectable. For example, some clinics in Europe are using this treatment on excess fat around the elbow, upper arms, knees, stomach, thighs, and even the cheeks.

While the data is still being gathered about the efficacy of using this injectable on other areas of the body, the results appear to be promising. One thing is for sure though – using Kybella to eliminate a double chin is still the most effective use for this injectable treatment.

What Can You Expect From This Treatment?

The first thing you should expect from this treatment is a consultation appointment. Your consultation allows us to get to know your appearance goals and concerns, specifically any concerns you have about excess fat beneath your chin.

During your consultation, we will ask about how long you have struggled with this issue and any methods you have tried in the past, such as weight loss. We will also examine the amount of under-chin fat you have, as this treatment generally requires at least a moderate amount of unwanted fat to be successful.

Treatment Appointments

Your treatment appointments will last for about 15 to 20 minutes and will consist of a series of small injections made to the area under your chin, sometimes even near your jawline. Your injections are made in targeted locations to eliminate unwanted fat thoroughly. Your treatment will be performed with a thin needle, not unlike the needle used for a flu shot or other injectable treatment.

Although this treatment is not significantly uncomfortable, many patients like to ensure their comfort as much as possible. You may take an over-the-counter pain reliever about 1 hour before your appointment. You may also request for a topical numbing cream to be applied to your treatment area before your treatment begins to minimize discomfort.

How Many Treatments Will You Need?

For most patients, a single treatment with this injectable formula is not enough to produce the desired results. In fact, most patients will require at least two to four treatment appointments to achieve their aesthetic goals. As a rule of thumb, the more submental fat you have, the more treatments you will need; for those who have mild double chins, two treatments may be enough, while those who have pronounced double chins or triple chins may need four or more treatments.

We will determine the number of treatments you require based on the composition of your double chin and by how well you are responding to the treatment. There are several weeks before each of your treatment appointments which will allow us to track your treatment progress over time to understand how many more injections you will need, if any, to produce your desired results.

Should You Prepare for Treatment?

Even though this is an injectable treatment, there are still some things you will want to do to prepare for your treatment. For example, you should stop taking blood-thinning medications at least three to five days before your appointment to minimize any bleeding, bruising, or swelling after your treatment.

You should also prepare for your treatment by drinking plenty of water, avoiding direct sunlight, and temporarily stopping the use of certain active skincare products, including Retinol. Please reschedule your appointment if you have any active skin breakouts, including acne or psoriasis, on the intended treatment area; those who have current cold sores or fever blisters may also need to reschedule.

Is There an Aftercare Period?

Yes. In fact, there are many things you should avoid doing for at least three to five days after your treatment, including rubbing, massaging, or touching the treatment area. You should also avoid direct sunlight exposure, including tanning beds, and vigorous exercise. You will also need to continue avoiding blood-thinning medications.

During your aftercare period, there are also recommended actions you can take. Using an ice pack on and off for twenty minutes may help reduce any swelling or discomfort you feel. You may also want to use a warm compress and alternate between ice and heat. Sometimes, we recommend patients use under-chin straps to provide compression and help shape the fat elimination for better contouring; we will let you know if you need to follow this aftercare directive.

How Soon Will You See Results?

It takes time for you to see the results of your treatment. Most patients do not begin to see any results until at least eight to 12 weeks after their first appointment. Because your appointments are usually scheduled about three weeks apart, it’s possible that you will not see any significant results until six months after your first treatment appointment or longer if your double chin is especially pronounced.

Are Your Results Permanent?

Yes, the results of this treatment are intended to be permanent. This injectable treatment is designed to eliminate or reduce the appearance of a double chin for a lifetime. You should anticipate long-lasting results that will last throughout your aging process; this treatment is generally not repeated throughout the lifespan.

Why Do Results Last So Long?

The key to these results lasting so long is the fact that synthetic deoxycholic acid permanently destroys fat cells beneath the chin. Fat cells are unlike other cells in the body because they can’t regenerate – once they are gone, they are gone forever. In other words, once the deoxycholic acid injection damages and destroys fat cells, there is no way for new fat cells to be created.

What Should You Do to Maintain Your Results?

However, although the results of this treatment are permanent, the results also only apply to fat cells that have been damaged by the deoxycholic injections. There may be some fat cells remaining under your chin and over time, those fat cells may grow and expand to store more fat for energy. For that reason, you should focus on maintaining your results.

One of the best things you can do to maintain your results is to manage your weight and eat a healthy diet that isn’t high in fat or sugar. You can also maintain your results by not taking medications that have weight gain as a side effect and by not overindulging in alcoholic drinks, which make it easier to store fat and sugar in the body.

What Are the Benefits of This Treatment?

In addition to producing long-lasting results, there are a few other benefits of this injectable treatment. For example, this treatment can eliminate double chins that are caused by all kinds of factors, including weight gain, pregnancy, and medication side-effects. Other benefits of this treatment include:

Safe and Effective

This injectable treatment has passed rigorous safety tests and clinical trials, so you can be sure that this treatment is safe and effectively produces the results you are looking for. And because deoxycholic acid is naturally found in the body, you should not have any risk of an allergic reaction to the synthetic version used in this treatment.

Quick and Painless Results

This is a minimally invasive treatment, which means it is significantly less painful than other fat reduction treatments, including liposuction used on the neck to eliminate double chins. This treatment will not involve any incisions and will be able to produce results without any significant pain or prolonged recovery periods.

Look Younger and Healthier

One of the biggest benefits of this treatment is the fact that it can help you look younger and healthier. A double chin has a way of weighing down your appearance, which can make you look much heavier than you appear. In fact, because double chin can occur even in thin or fit people, there is the common misconception that a double chin is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. By using this treatment, you can correct this misconception.

Additionally, a byproduct of looking younger and healthier is the fact that you will feel more confident about your appearance – and that may help you feel happier in the long run.

Who Are Good Candidates for Double Chin Treatment?

Candidates who are ideal for this treatment include any woman or man who has a moderate double chin that they would like to eliminate. You should not have this treatment if you are currently pregnant, breastfeeding, or if you have had poor reactions to injectable treatments in the past.

Look Better Than Ever With Kybella Injections

If you want to feel better about the way you look, then you may want to try a treatment that can reliably help you look younger and healthier. If you think Kybella injections are the right treatment option for your double chin, please contact Novo Med Spa in Frisco, TX to schedule your consultation today.