Injectable dermal fillers are a popular choice for many individuals who want to reverse the signs of aging from their face. But did you know they can also be used to rejuvenate and reverse the signs of aging hands? As we age, our skin loses that plump, healthy appearance as collagen production decreases. Our hands are no exception to this aging process. The skin on our hands becomes thinner as we age therefore exposing more veins leaving patients feeling more self-conscious about them. Radiesse can change all that!

The dedicated and trained professionals at NOVO Med Spa in Frisco, TX offer an extensive list of noninvasive options to rejuvenate your appearance. The injectable dermal filler Radiesse not only can remove those unwanted wrinkles on your face to give you a smooth, youthful appearance but can also treat age-related volume loss in your hands. Here is a look at this simple cosmetic procedure that will improve the signs of aging on your face as well as your hands.

The facts about aging

Everyone ages at their own pace. The face is generally the first place that individuals see the first signs of aging creep in. Stress, lifestyle, sun exposure, and the overall effects of gravity all have a dramatic effect on how we age. Even the genetics you were born with can play a role in how you will age. When we grow older, our skin becomes depleted of collagen production and skin becomes thinner and less voluminous. Facial rejuvenation procedures like injectable dermal fillers have become cosmetically popular in order to help individuals combat those signs of aging without the need for surgery.

What can Radiesse do?

Over the past decade, injectable dermal fillers like Radiesse have begun to skyrocket in popularity. A safe and effective way to plump up skin and remove fine lines or wrinkles without surgery, dermal fillers have caught on with women and men looking to rejuvenate their appearance. Radiesse is a water-based gel that uses calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres to soften the appearance of aging skin and adds volume back into target areas. When used in conjunction with other injectables, such as BOTOX, it can contour facial features and bring life back into a patient’s face. Even better, it can be used to bring life back into a patient’s hands as well.

How does this treatment work?

Radiesse is injected into target areas to correct mild to moderate wrinkles, deep creases or folds, and can also add volume underneath the skin. Patients get immediate results once Radiesse is injected into a clean and marked site. A local anesthetic can be used to ensure a patient is comfortable during the procedure, which lasts from 30-60 minutes. A cold compress is immediately applied to reduce any bruising or swelling to the target area. Patients are free to return to their daily activities after their appointment.

How can Radiesse or injectable fillers help my hands?

Patients in the Frisco and surrounding areas who feel self-conscious about their aging hands can get help with injectable fillers such as Radiesse. As we age, skin loses elasticity and collagen, so skin gets thinner. The back of the hands are no exception and hands begin to show their age with the appearance of more veins or tendons. Dermal fillers injected into the hands have the same rejuvenating effect as when applied to target areas on the face. Radiesse can add plumpness back into the top part of patients’ hands making those veins and tendons less visible while making hands look younger. Patients who want their youthful looking face to match their hands typically consider injectable fillers like Radiesse to achieve this aesthetic goal.

Is the procedure similar for the hands as with the face?

Patients interested in Radiesse for their hands can expect a similar experience as when it is applied to the face. The tops of the hands are cleaned and prepped for the injection. The skin is numbed with a topical anesthetic to keep patients comfortable during the procedure. Depending on the treatment plan, which will be discussed prior to the procedure with the skilled professionals at NOVO Med Spa in Frisco, TX, several injections can be delivered to the skin between the muscles and tendons or one larger injection can be applied to the center of the hand then massaged into place. Either injection technique should be comfortable and painless for patients giving them immediate results.

Injectable fillers can restore volume and remove the signs of aging in more places than just your face. There’s no need to be bothered any longer by your aging hands. If you feel your hands look older than you feel, Radiesse can help. Results can last up to 6-10 months, or longer. With regular touch-ups you can maintain a youthful look to your hands for years.

With any cosmetic treatment, including injectable fillers, it’s important to find a physician who is qualified and experienced. The experts at NOVO Med Spa are licensed professionals who are passionate about giving their patients the aesthetic goals they want to feel and look younger. If you live in Frisco, TX and want to improve the way your hands look, then we invite you to call or schedule a consultation with one of our experts to discuss how Radiesse can help you.