Cellfina: What Is It, Does It Work, and Is It Right for Me?

Jerry Lewis, M.D. | 08/12/2019

Is there finally a cosmetic treatment that can banish the appearance of cellulite? Here is a look at this new treatment and why it has women talking.


Why it is Beneficial to Combine PRP Into Your Microneedling Treatment

Jerry Lewis, M.D. | 08/05/2019

A powerful duo, microneedling with PRP can turn back the hands of time and restore a youthful glow to your skin.


Five Facial Features That Can Be Improved with Juvederm

Jerry Lewis, M.D. | 07/27/2019

Juvederm can quickly diminish fine lines and wrinkles, turning back the hands of time in the battle of facial aging.


The Buzz About Microneedling with PRP-- Why Is It So Popular?

Jerry Lewis, M.D. | 07/23/2019

Innovative microneedling treatments and PRP therapy combine to promote the body’s natural healing responses and give your firmer, younger looking skin


The Liquid Facelift: How the Combo of BOTOX and Fillers Erase the Signs of Aging

Jerry Lewis, M.D. | 07/13/2019

Smooth wrinkles and boost volume quickly with a restorative, nonsurgical liquid facelift


I'm Tired of Hiding My Legs Because of Cellulite. Is Cellfina The Answer?

Jerry Lewis, M.D. | 07/06/2019

Don’t let cellulite dimples cause you to keep your legs shielded from view. Smooth your skin and restore your confidence with a Cellfina treatment.


What Patients in Frisco, TX, Should Know About Injectable Fillers

Jerry Lewis, M.D. | 06/25/2019

Noninvasive treatments quickly reverse the signs of aging


Why Juvéderm® Remains One of the Top Filler Choices

Jerry Lewis, M.D. | 06/15/2019

There are different types of injectable fillers on the market, but Juvéderm® can give you the results you are looking for with little downtime.


BOTOX injections help Frisco, TX patients turn back the clock

Jerry Lewis, M.D. | 06/11/2019

Smooth and soften lines and wrinkles with BOTOX


Reverse the Signs of Aging in Your Hands with Radiesse

Jerry Lewis, M.D. | 06/08/2019

Injectable dermal fillers can give your face and even your hands new life!


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